Sprouts Tuition Fees and Policies

Weekly Tuition Rates, Fees & Discounts:

Enrollment Options Part Time
Tues, Thurs
Part Time
Mon, Wed, Fri
Five Days
a Week
Belfast Tuition Rates $108 $135 $180

• Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up Fee: $10 for the first 15 minutes, $10 for each additional 5 minutes, due at pick-up.
• Late Payment Fee: $35 for each occurrence, due at time of payment.
This information is intended only as a guide for planning purposes. Fees and policies are subject to change.

Tuition Policies and Procedures
1. Upon acceptance into the Sprouts Program, parent(s) will attend a Welcome Visit, where they will complete a fee agreement stating what their financial responsibility is. Policies and procedures are outlined in a contract.

2. A deposit of one full-time week's tuition is required at the Welcome Visit. This deposit will be returned to you at disenrollment, less any amount owed, provided you give the appropriate two week written notice of withdrawal and your account is in good standing. Your first tuition payment is due on the Monday of the week services are to begin. All weekly tuition dues are to be paid on Monday of the week services are to be rendered.

3. Payments not received by the Administrative Office at 5 Stephenson Lane by 4:30 PM on Monday will be considered overdue. Overdue payments are subject to a $35 Late Payment Fee. The parent will need to bring their account current before the start of the next service week to avoid termination. This means you must pay the overdue weeks' tuition, the late fee and the current weeks' tuition by the following Monday. If no payment is received prior to the following Monday, the child will no longer be able to attend the program.

4. If bi-weekly or monthly payments are preferred, these payments are required in advance. 5. Payments may be made automatically by credit card. If you select monthly automatic payments, your account will be charged the monthly tuition on the first Monday each month. If you choose biweekly automatic payments, your account will charged half of the monthly tuition on both the first and third Mondays of each month. To arrange automatic payments or to change an automatic payment that has been set up, please call the Main Office at (207) 338-6671.

6. There is no tuition due for the weeks when Sprouts is shut down for vacation. Otherwise, the weekly tuition due is the same regardless of attendance due to illness, inclement weather, labor strikes, power or water outages, professional development days, holiday closings or other legitimate conditions beyond Broadreach’s control.

7. A two week notice must be given in writing to the Program Director if your child withdraws from the program. Payment is required for the two weeks following the written notice, whether or not your child actually attends.

8. If your family should have an unusual or financial emergency which will effect payment, please contact the Finance Office as soon as possible at (207) 338-2200.

9. Payment subsidies are available to provide partial tuition assistance to families who are eligible, including the Maine Childcare Subsidy Program (CCSP), TANF/ASPIRE, etc. Parents must apply with the State of Maine for participation in these programs. Please contact your local office of Family Independence for more information. If a child receives third-party funding, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the Program Director immediately of any changes in eligibility or funding.

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