Sprouts Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my child eligible for Broadreach Sprouts?

Your child is eligible if your child is between 2.5 and 5 years old on October 15th of the current year. There are no income eligibility requirements, and you don't need to live in a particular town or school district to attend.

Q. Is there a fee for my child to attend Sprouts?

Yes. Please click here for tuition rates, fees and our tuition policies. If you have third party funding from CDS, MaineCare, childcare subsidy, voucher, etc. the tuition you must pay may be significantly reduced. Upon acceptance into the program, you will attend a Welcome Visit, where you will complete a fee agreement which outlines your specific responsibilities.

Payment is due at the Main Office in Belfast by 4:00 PM on Monday of the week services are to be rendered. Payments not received by 4:00 PM on Monday are subject to a $35 late payment fee due at time of payment. If your account isn't brought current by the start of the next week, your child will not be able to attend the program, and your child's spot in the program will be at risk for termination. To arrange for automatic payments via credit card or bank draft, please contact Karen Brown, our billing specialist. You may choose to have your automatic payments billed monthly on the first Monday of each month, or biweekly on the first and third Mondays of each month.

Q. What is Place Based Nature Education?

Place-based nature education occurs when children, teachers, and adults in the community use the social, cultural, and natural environment in which they live as an inquiry-based learning laboratory to gain knowledge and skills across the curriculum (Sobel, 2005).

Place based nature education for young children focuses learning within the local community. It provides them a path for becoming active citizens and stewards of the environment and place where they live. The resources of the community are integrated into the learning process in a way that makes education exciting. Place-based nature education provides hands-on, real world learning experiences that challenge children to learn and solve problems. It increases academic achievement, helps them to develop stronger ties to their community, enhances appreciation for the natural world, and creates a heightened commitment for serving as contributing citizens. Community vitality and environmental quality are enhanced as local community organizations and environmental resources are woven into the process of educating its youngest citizens.

For more information, see: http://www.antiochne.edu/acsr/cpbe/ & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Place-based_education.

Q. What is the curriculum used in the Sprouts Program?

The High/Scope Curriculum provides children with direct, hands-on active learning experiences with a variety of people, objects, events, and ideas. Broadreach teachers have been extensively trained in using High/Scope to ensure children develop the skills they need for kindergarten readiness and a lifetime of learning success. The certified and experienced teachers provide a combination of play and structured, child- and teacher-initiated activities while they nurture and honor each child’s individual needs, interests and strengths. In this environment, the child experiences the joy of learning, the thrill of discovery and a true sense of confidence and value.

The High/Scope educational approach guides children through key developmental indicators (KDI). These KDI are aligned with Maine’s Early Learning Guidelines and are designed to support children in developing competency in language, mathematics and science, social-emotional development, physical development and the arts. The heart of the High/Scope approach is the plan-do-review sequence in which children make choices, carry out their ideas and reflect on what they learned. These activities promote initiative and independence. In addition, children engage in group activities, socialize during meals, develop self-care skills and exercise large muscles during outdoor time.

Visit http://www.highscope.org/ to learn more.

Q. Does my child need to be potty trained to attend Sprouts?

We try to accommodate each child’s individual needs and enjoy working with his/her family to make the process consistent. Our primary goal is to make this process a positive one. To that end, we encourage your participation, input and cooperation. Toileting times follow a routine schedule each day as well as on an as needed basis. At these scheduled times, children are encouraged to use the potty.

Q. What is Broadreach's foul weather policy?

Sprouts children will be outside for at least 4 hours every day and more when possible, except in the case of severe weather. Children come inside for warming, meal times, rest times and bathroom breaks. Please send your child dressed and ready for outdoor play. Appropriate outdoor gear is critical to the success of your his/her outdoor experience. The Sprouts Parent Handbook provides a comprehensive list of specific items required. Your child will be assigned a cubby containing a full change of clothing, including boots, socks and underwear. Please apply sunscreen and insect repellent at home each morning.

Q. Does Broadreach provide transportation?

No. Parents are responsible for the transportation of their child. Some parents choose to utilize Waldo Community Action Partner’s Transportation or MidCoast Connector to transport their child.

Q. Does Broadreach provide meals?

No. Parents should send a lunch with their child. Broadreach will provide a snack each day. Due to food allergies, we ask that you not send any nuts or nut products in your child's lunch.

Does the program follow the district calendar?

No. These programs follow the Broadreach Agency Calendar.

Q. I want to give a donation to Broadreach Family & Community Services. How do I do that?

There are several ways one may support the important programs Broadreach offers to the children, adults and families of Knox and Waldo Counties. You may donate securely via paypal by clicking here. You may mail a donation to Broadreach Family & Community Services, 5 Stephenson Lane, Belfast ME 04915. You may contact Joan King, Director of Finance, at 338-6672 to make a donation over the phone, or for more information about donating your time or services. We are a 501(c)3 agency and a Maine State licensed Charitable Organization.

Q. I want volunteer in a Broadreach Family & Community Services classroom. How do I do that?

Volunteerism is a terrific way to support the important programs Broadreach offers to the children, adults and families of Knox and Waldo Counties. Please contact Joan King, Director of Finance, at 338-6672 for more information. All volunteers must undergo a thorough background check.

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